Is your favorite Spa’s “Relaxation Room”  Relaxing?

I have been to plenty of Spas in my lifetime.  Some have been amazing experiences, some mediocre and some downright awful.  We all know for what you pay for Spa Treatments and/or that fabulous day at the Spa, mediocre and downright awful should never be words to describe your spa experience.

My biggest pet peeve is the “Relaxation Room”.   You know,  it’s the holding area before they come and get you for before your treatment.  Usually there are comfy chaise lounges, fountains,  citrus water,  all kinds of teas, fresh fruit, and Spa magazine…just a perfect setting to kick back, relax and meditate.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for friends spending their spa days together, but 9 times out of 10, I have to give the hairy eyeball or downright glare stare (NOT relaxing) because they talk the entire time in what is suppose to be a QUIET environment.  There are even signs that say “Quiet Room”.  Can’t they read!

I lay there and try and put it out of my mind.  Surely I can focus on the trickling noises of the fountain.  Read O magazine’s article on “Yes, You CAN Have…”  But no, this type A, who desperately needed that spa,  that particular day, finds herself getting up and politely, mind you, remind them of the name of the room; RELAXATION!  Some women get it, some just give me a head nod and keep right on talking.

I must admit, once I left the den of un-relaxation and I went to the front desk and turned a group of cacklers into the Spa police.  They knew it was me, but when I’m paying $150.00 for that 90 minute facial,  I deserve all the amenities that spa has to offer, especially the RELAXATION ROOM!

I’m not going to name names, but I’m sure you’ve had the same experience.  And if you are a guilty party, please have courtesy to your fellow spa mates and shhhhhh!  Thank you!