Being an avid tennis player and even Captain of my 4.0 USTA team, I’m always in search of the  10 Tennis Resorts in the country.  Our team tries to take an annual trip together at the end of the summer season.  According to Tennis Resorts Online here’s the top 10!   They actually have listed the top 100 if you’re interested in going through the entire list!

What’s exciting is that I live in Charleston, SC and the number 1 Tennis Resort is Kiawah Island just 30 minutes from my home and Palmetto Dunes is just an hour away!  So here they are!  I think I’d like to try the one in Tirol, Austria!  Not sure I can get to many  gals on my team to bite on that one!

Happy serving!

1. Kiawah Island Golf Resort, South Carolina

2. Rancho Valencia, an Auberge Resort, California

3. La Quinta Resort & Club, California

4. Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt, Tirol, Austria

5. Wild Dunes, South Carolina

6. Caneel Bay, A Rosewood Resort, U.S. Virgin Islands

7. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Hawaii

8. Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, South Carolina

9. Topnotch Resort and Spa, Vermont

10. Longboat Key Club & Resort, Florida



Know the signs!
You know your significant other is a golf addict when…

  • They play in the wind!
  • The play in below freezing temperatures!
  • They DVR The Weather Channel!
  • Their putter is next to their night stand in the bedroom!
  • Only one of their hands is Tan!
  • Their feet are white!
  • You find them in the Golf Pro Shop in the airport as your plane is about to take off!
  • Clubs are in the trunk of your car at all times.
  • They swing their shoulders and pivot their hips in the middle of a dinner party!
  • Golf Magazine and Golf Digest are your coffee table books!
  • They have the GolfLogix App on their Smart Phone and look at it at all times!
  • The bartender at the 19th hole knows their beverage of choice!
  • The term “You’re still away” does not refer to a business trip.
  • They mutter “beep, beep, beep” when they put their car in reverse.
  • You name your new baby girl, Phil! “Honey, its short for Phyllis!”
  • Their patron Saint is Saint Andrews!
  • “A Tiger in Your Tank” means they shot in the 80’s!